About us

Who we are:

Al-Haadi Name:

We are named Al-Haadi, which is one of the titles of our 12th Imam (atfs); it means "The Guide."
We pledge allegiance (bay'aa) to our 12th Imam.
We promise to live the way he wants us to live.
We promise that our words and actions will make him proud that we are his followers.
We promise not to ask what the Imam can do for us; instead, we will ask: What can we do for our Imam?


Al-Haadi Aim:

To ensure everyone at Al-Haadi feels safe, respected and welcomed.
To provide quality Islamic education through nurturing closeness and obedience to Allah (SWT) and love for the Prophets (s), Ahl al-Bayt (a) and the Holy Qur'an as our ultimate guides.
To model and encourage Makaarim Al-Akhlaq (excellence in conduct) at all times.

Makaarim Al-Akhlaq at Al-Haadi

Mas'uliyyah (Responsibility): We will follow Al-Haadi and classroom rules and be accountable for our words and actions.
Juhd (Effort): We will persevere in completing all tasks well and by deadline. We will encourage and applaud others' efforts.
Ihtiram (Respect): We will talk and behave with politeness and display good attitude at all times.
Akhawiyyah (Care): We will be cooperative and help each other as brothers and sisters in Islam.
Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 14 Jamaada Al Thani, 1435